Technical Publication Associates, Inc.

Technical Communication Services


Our staff, has the skills to create 3-D CAD models utilizing the latest SolidWorks software. Having worked closely with professional engineers over the last 25 years allows us to take your ideas from a visionary concept to shop-floor-production.


The production use of 3-D computer modeling is an invaluable tool for:


1. Conversion of Existing 2-D Mechanical Drawings

2. Conversion of manual or CAD Legacy Drawings into a SolidWorks Platform

3. Product Design and Development

4. Creating Prototypes with a 3-D Printer to Analyze and Test for Form and Function

5. Fabrication of the Parts Using CNC Machine Tools


The non-production applications for 3-D Modeling is also very cost effective in creating:


1. Product Animation

2. Interactive Models

3. Illustrations for Technical Manuals

4. Drawings for Parts Books

5. Virtual Renderings for Your Marketing Strategy

6. Colorized Photo-realistic Artwork for Your Web Presence

7. Patent Illustrations for Protecting Your Innovative Ideas


As many products become increasingly more complex, the time involved to create technical illustrations, which accurately and effectively explain a procedure, has also increased. Now, with the aid of CAD modeling and rendering software, we can utilize the time you have already spent in creating the CAD models for your product to create high resolution illustrations, animations, and interactive models.


We have successfully imported files from ProE, Solid Works, and AutoCAD to help our clients create highly-visual graphics that were not possible before on a tight budget.