Technical Publication Associates, Inc.

Technical Communication Services


Since 1992 we have been preparing finished patent illustrations that meet or exceed the standards established by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We take great pride in our ability to produce patent illustrations with minimal input from our clients. We have discovered that the lowest cost does not always deliver the best value. Because of our backgrounds, we are able to read and understand engineering prints and the products manufactured from them. We can even develop drawings from photos and sketches of products that are still in the concept stage.


Our illustrators are able to supply you with a combination of schematics, isometrics, cross-sections, and cutaways to work in conjunction with the written body of the patent and its element list. Drawings can be provided in a variety of electronic or paper formats.


In the global world of electronics, we currently work with patent attorneys, patent agents, inventors, and engineers who are filing patent applications in fields such as, Medical, Electronic, Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Electrical


With our extensive experience, we are able to develop drawings from a variety of reference materials such as, Pencil Sketches, Engineering Blue Prints, 3-D CAD Models, Photographs, and Prototypes


We also want you to be assured that your patent is in a secure environment, both physically and electronically. We provide all our clients with a non-disclosure agreement for the protection of your patent rights.