Technical Publication Associates, Inc.

Technical Communication Services


Codification Supervisor and Technology Coordinator


Phone: 309-263-8792

Voicemail ext: 13

Fax: 309-263-8777





Directs and oversees the codification work performed by TPA employees for various municipalities. This codification process encompasses the publication of new and revised ordinances, and the interaction with various municipal officials to publish these ordinances in both print and electronic media formats. These revisions may include updates to the municipality's web site. He is also responsible for the company's information network, including hardware and software upgrades. Sam works closely with our technical writers and is an important resource in the development and maintenance of electronic training materials. The translation of technical manuals into languages other than English is also his responsibility.



Sam has an extensive background in computer related business applications. These range from financial modeling to desktop publishing applications.



Bachelor of Science, Management Information Systems, Bradley University



Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)



Avid sports fan following Major League Baseball and College Basketball

Plays guitar for recreation