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Co-Founder, CEO, and Technical Writer


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I am responsible for the day-to-day operation of the company, including direction and co-ordination of the technical writers and artists. As a technical writer, I am able to direct the talents of both writers and artists to provide our clients with the best possible product that meets the requirements of their customers. As the remaining founder of TPA, I am fully committed to our company’s mission statement of “striving to have the highest standard of integrity, quality, and customer service.” The goal of TPA has always been to provide our clients with services that were not available with the use of their own staff.



My manufacturing experience includes the operation of machines which cut, form, stamp, weld, and paint various metal products. As a graduate of the four year apprentice program at Caterpillar Inc., I gained the training necessary to repair various machines which I had previously operated on the shop floor. During this four year period, I was also exposed to a variety of office positions dealing with engineering, tool design, parts acquisition, and technical writing.


After leaving Caterpillar, I worked with an engineering firm in which I continued to develop my technical writing expertise. During this five year period, I gained valuable experience by working with our firms' engineering staff, as well as those of a large manufacturer of electric open-pit mining trucks.


With the experience and knowledge that I had gained from my past employment, I was able to play a key role in the formation of Technical Publication Associates (TPA) in 1990. Following the formation of TPA, I have worked on a variety of projects ranging in size from small hand-held service tools to large open-pit mining trucks.


During my entire career, I have always attempted to assist our clients in providing helpful, written product documentation to their customers. If TPA can help to prevent one person from being injured by a product or help the purchaser of that product to assemble or repair it successfully, I then feel that our company has accomplished its mission.



Machine repair apprenticeship (Caterpillar Inc.)

Small business management (Bradley University)



Attained the rank of Eagle Scout (BSA)



National Eagle Scout Association (NESA)

Order of the Arrow (BSA)

Boy Scouts of America wood badge training course (advanced leadership skills training-12months)

Christian Businessmen Connection (CBMC) (

The Pocket Testament League (

American Society of Manufacturing Engineers (ASME) (



Much of my free time is actively spent in adult bible studies, and CBMC weekly group meetings.

Other interests include playing golf with my son and cooking. I am a member of the Order of the Arrow and have completed the 12 month Woodbadge training course.


My one weird hobby is collecting interesting coffee cups. As I have traveled, my eye is always looking for that unique cup.