Technical Publication Associates, Inc.

Technical Communication Services


Technical illustration is defined as drawings which visually communicates information that is technical in nature. Drawings help engineers, scientists, or other highly skilled service matter experts (SME) to both describe and explain complicated information, in a simplified visual form, to a non-technical audience.


Our goal is to work together to create artwork that increases consumer awareness and educates people on the proper use of your products or services. This artwork can, therefore, be used to increase consumer awareness by advertising a special event, marketing the company’s services, or promoting your products. To educate the people who purchase your products and services, we create artwork for owner’s manuals, installation guides, parts books, spec sheets, and training guidelines.


Here at TPA, our technical illustrators create a variety of both artistic and technical illustrations that help technical and non-technical readers to understand your products, processes, and/or services. To create an illustration, we can start with anything from a rough sketch, previously printed artwork, photograph, the actual product, engineering blueprint, or 3-D CAD model. No matter what kind of resource we begin with, our illustrations are tailored to fit your specific requirements or brand.


Depending on your needs, we can produce simple two-dimensional drawings, colored schematics, three-dimensional isometric drawings, exploded assembly views, colorized photo-realistic artwork, virtual renderings, or 360° interactive artwork. Our clients can use the illustrations we create in both web and printed media applications.


We believe that quality artwork is not an expense but an asset that is used to increase sales and help the reader use the product to its fullest potential.