Technical Publication Associates, Inc.

Technical Communication Services


With over 60 years of combined work experience our technical writers supply knowledge, not only in their ability to write targeted and effective user documentation, but also in their manufacturing and engineering backgrounds. These backgrounds allow them to work directly with your engineering and marketing staff to quickly and effectively gather the information they need to develop the technical manuals or particular documentation you require.


We provide technical writing services that removes the burden of producing technical documentation, which, in many cases, is a secondary function of the person tasked with this job. Experience has shown us that most people in marketing and engineering do not like or have the time to devote to the task of technical writing. Our writers, on the other hand, are dedicated and focused on writing effective instructional material and are not burdened by the many other distractions that may often plague your staff.


TPA has worked in a variety of industries with a diverse number of products. Over the past years, we have produced targeted, technical documentation for products that range from small hand-held theft prevention devices to extremely large open pit mining trucks.


To assist you in marketing your products abroad, we can provide foreign language versions of your English publication. In the creation of these foreign translations, we work with a global translation team which we have used for many years and are well respected in the industry.