Technical Publication Associates, Inc.

Technical Communication Services


Core Competencies

  • Technical Writing – Instructional and Procedural Documents
  • Illustration – Technical and Creative
  • Patent Illustration – Utility, Design, and Trademark
  • 3-D Rendering and CAD Modeling – CAD Models to Usable Art
  • Marketing – Product Sales and Specification Sheets
  • Basic Web Design – Website and Web-Based Animation


Past Performance

Currently TPA has no prime government contracts.  We have, however, worked as a subcontractor for Caterpillar’s Defense Products Division in the 1990’s.  Our past performance is based on over twenty-five years of experience in non‑governmental applications.


Agricultural Industry – Meridian Mfg., McFarlane Mfg., Titan Implement

Since 2009, we have created a variety of end-user documentation and marketing materials for many manufacturers of short line agricultural products.


Commercial Vehicle Industry – Premier Fabrication, Vapor Bus International

TPA currently provides support materials for several manufacturers of on‑highway commercial vehicles and their related components.


Patent Drawings – Caterpillar, Smith & Nephew

TPA has supplied patent attorneys with a wide range of drawings meeting USPTO standards for medical appliances, electronic apparatus, mechanical equipment, hydraulic components, electrical devices, and many other areas since CY1990.


Electrical Components – TE Connectivity Energy

TPA has worked on several Product Installation Instructions for electrical connectors, couplers, and terminals since CY2014.


Off-Highway Construction Equipment – Caterpillar, Komatsu

We have provided marketing artwork and support materials for repair personnel working on construction and mining equipment and its related components.  We have also provided Caterpillar with operating manuals for dealer repair tools and dealer instructions for reusing parts since CY1990.



TPA uses only internal, full and part-time employees to complete our contracted work; we do not use outside contractors or staff. Our use of long‑term employees gives us better control over quality and consistency. All of our technical writers have mechanical, engineering, and machining backgrounds to better understand mechanical components. Our mechanically-minded art staff is trained in traditional and electronic illustration, as well as graphic design. Our Midwestern work ethic and values are two of our most valuable assets.


Other Miscellaneous Services

  • Desktop publishing in InDesign
  • Foreign language translation and reformatting for exported/imported products
  • Technical editing and proofreading
  • Black & white and color printing of manuals, marketing materials, or hazard labels (short run)
  • Power Point presentations